Reece turned to ceramics about 4 years ago as a means to create sculpture relatively quickly, as compared to carving. It allows him to play with ideas and forms in a much more fluid and immediate way. It sets aside some of the preciousness he associates with carving.

Public Commisions

Reece has been commissioned to make sculpture for many parks, towns, playgrounds and schools through out the country. Most notably the Princess Diana Memorial Playground in London, Grizedale Forest and the Eden Project. He has made seven sheep for the Horse Trials at the 2012 Olympics which are now in a playground in Greenwich park.

Carved Sculpture

Reece carves in stone and wood , enjoying the engagement with these materials , Carving is a simple , repetitive act where there is a direct connection with the solid physical world. He would also like to express a sense of the inner self, simple contentment, not wanting, not striving but just being.


Reece started carving sheep in college and he has been fascinated by them ever since. There is something very satisfactory about the form of a sheep, tactile and self contained.